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  • Lifeguard Aeromed, Inc.
    - Providing air ambulance service to north America. Based in Fort Worth, TX.

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  • IAS Medial
    IAS Medical provide European Air Ambulance Repatriation Services

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  • Patient Travel
    - Charitable medical air transportation resources.

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  • Air Ambulances & Medical Flights: Med Flight
    When you need critical care emergency transport or simple medical air transport for patients unable to fly commercially, Med Flight Air Ambulance meets your needs with highly qualified specialists and specially equipped medical flights. We offer medical air transport nationally and internationally.

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  • Air Ambulance Service at Quik Flight
    Quik Flight offers FIXED WING medical flights, domestically and internationally, to patients and their families. Individuals who become ill while away from home, those who need the services of specialized health care centers such as transplant facilities, rehab facilities, long term care facilities and anyone who cannot be transported by a regular commercial flights, are candidates for this air ambulance service.

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  • Air Ambulance
    Air Ambulance International - global medical repatriation on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year proving global service

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  • Healthy Flying
    - India Aeromedical Services, has been set up in Bombay to provide emergency medical and rescue services in Bombay, India.

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    The leader in worldwide air ambulance service. Specializing in wholesale and direct to client service. When quakity and cost count. American Jets.

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  • Aeromedicina Para Latinoamerica
    Servicio de Ambulancia Aerea. Consultoria y desarrollo de servicios aeromedicos. Aeromed 2004 es un curso que se dicata en Scottsdale Arizona para certificar tripulantes aeromedicos y cumplir con las reglas de la FAA en operaciones de la Parte 135, Seccion V: capacitacion. Lear 25, Lear 35 y Commnader 680 a su disposicion para vuelos nacionales e internacinales. Miembros de AAMS visite nuestro grupo http://groups.msn.com/Aeromedicina

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    worldwide critical care air medical transportation.Medical Learjets available for immediate take off

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  • AAAEMS Air Ambulance
    Provides air ambulance service as well as other medical transports to fit patients medical and financial needs

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  • Air Ambulance Services Directory
    Information and online ambulance services directory. Learn how air anbulance services work and find some near you.

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  • LifeCare Air Ambulance 24 hrs.
    - - Worldwide air ambulance service with several bases of operations throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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