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  • Flight Share LLC
    - Offering Cessna Skylane and Skyhawk co-ownership and leaseback services.

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    RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL, AND CONFIDENTIAL AIRCRAFT TRANSACTION WORLDWIDE... The Flightstar Group, Inc. (Est 1993) is an internationally recognized airline transport aircraft investor, dealer, remarketing, leasing and consulting firm with proven track record with global experience with airline aircraft transactions. The company also maintains affiliations and GSA agreements with several airlines to offer their idle aircraft for ACMI Wet-Lease and Charter services and aircraft remarketing services for airlines, owners, including wet-lease/charter placements and even sourcing of financing for lease facilities for difficult transactions. Flightstar's staff is dedicated to handling the most discrete and complex cross-border aviation transactions between airlines and our mission is to provide professional to our clients in USA, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa and our staff is able to speak in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic. Current aircraft offered are Lockheed L1011-50 Trisar, 2 Boeing 747-200B Jumbo Jets, a Boeing 737-200ADV -15 118 pax, including Boeing 727-100C and DC-9-31. Flightstar is an active member of ISTAT and ACAS World Aircraft Fleet allowing us to obtain direct contact information on ALL airliners. Contact us anytime at (954) 359-5051 or fax us at (954) 359-5054.

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  • Wally Zook Aircraft Finance
    Over 35 years aviation and banking background. Same day approval for twenty year fixed rate loans, closing three business days later. Corporate, G.A., helicopters, and warbirds loans from $100,000. to $25,000,000.

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  • Air Universal
    AIR UNIVERSAL are a Jordanian charter company established & registered in Jordan in Jan 2001 and we are possessing at the time being : Two B747 200 bought from Lufthansa with a re-configured capacity of 450 Y/C seats but can be returned to their original Lufthansa configuration to three classes ( 8 First class , 53club & 289 Y/C seats). One of these two A/C manufactured in 1982 and the other in 1987. Two Tri-Star L1011 A/C : L1011-100 with a capacity of 362 Y/C Seats And L1011-250 with a capacity of 265 Y/C + 30 FC seats . (Now re-configured to 332 Y/C seats). We are well equipped with highly trained technicians and successfully engaged in (ACMI) lease operation to a good number of regular carries such as ( Saudi Arab Airlines , Yemen Airways, Sudan Airways , Mauritanie Airways , Tanzania Airlines, Bangladesh Airways , Etc).

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  • GE Engine Leasing
    - A provider of engines on short-term rentals and operating leases.

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  • PlaneControl Aircraft Deployment
    PlaneControl helps you to find aircraft for temporary use, or - if you are an airplane provider - to post your airplanes and enable others to hire them.

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  • 4leasehelp
    We analyze your aircraft and helicopter asset based financing needs to find the best and lowest cost financing solution for your company.

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  • The Service Bureau
    - Offers fixed cost, turnkey air transportation via fractional aircraft ownership with revenue sharing. Technical writing provided to aviation and police. Policy, procedure, forms, operations manuals.

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  • Aircraft Financing & Loans  FEATURED SITE
    Lowest Industry Interest Rates for Aircraft Loans. Financing terms to 25 years.

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  • Airplane Dreams - Aircraft Financing made easy!
    Finance your next aircraft through Aiplane Dreams, LLC. We are proud to offer truly personalized service and competitive rates! Our financing experience along with high energy customer service will help with all the paperwork to complete your transaction for rapid turnaround time. Everyone is Welcome to use our financing services. Although we would be glad to help, there is no requirement to use our Acquisition or Broker services. Don't put your dreams off any longer. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality, that's our business!

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  • GA-Finance Services
    GA-Finance Services is an independent finance boutique based in the Netherlands, dedicated to executive and regional aviation. In addition to aircraft financing and leasing we advise and arrange corporate financing for regional airlines and aircraft operators. Our geographical focus is on Europe and the Middle East.

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  • GMAC Commercial Finance - Business Aviation Group
    Premier direct national and internationl lender providing loans and leases for turbine aircraft starting from $1 million and up. Focus is on business aviation aircraft with capabilities of both credit based and collateral based limited recourse financing.

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  • JetDollars Aircraft Financing
    Airplane loans. Aircraft loans for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft. 800-971-9921 or 407-971-9992

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  • Baycap, Inc: Capital Leasing and Finance
    Baycap has combined the resources & capacity of a lease broker with the control & service of a direct lender to provide you the most convenient and competitive lease programs.

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