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  • Autorotate--the monthly journal of helicopter piloting
    - Monthly magazine for helicopter pilots about flying helicopters. Articles, autorotations, safety, CFI, ADs, ACs, NTSB reports, news. Pilot store with clothing, supplies, and helicopter calendar.

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  • Jetfan Technology
    - R&D Home of the Jetfan designed by Terry Day. The Site explains the Jetfan Concept and several Coanda Effect devices working with amazing results.

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  • Nimmo Bay Heli- Ventures
    Nimmo Bay Heli- Ventures offers helicopter vacations: seek big salmon in remote rivers, whale-watch, explore, discover a cave, and heli-hike, all in incomparable comfort.

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  • Bell Helicopter
    - Manufacturing a wide range of civil and military helicopters as well as civil and military tiltrotor craft.

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  • Airliners.net
    - Hosts a database of aviation photos that includes many hundreds of helicopter images.

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  • CarterCopter
    - Developing a new high technology gyroplane expected to cruise at 400mph at 50,000 feet using the rotor for vertical takeoff and landing and a wing for high speed cruise.

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  • Brantly
    - Manufacturers of the B-2B "Flying Snowcone".

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  • Heli-Flight
    - Helicopter photos and links to manufacturers, plus additional information.

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  • Heli News
    - Helicopter employment, links and message boards, helicopters for sale, helicopter companies, books and magazines.

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  • Popular Rotorcraft Association
    - Sport and homebuilt autogyro (gyro, gyroplane, gyrocopter) and helicopter manufacturer's, kits, plans and training

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  • Eurocopter
    - Designing and manufacturing a wide range of civiland military helicopters.

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  • AOPA Online
    - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association serves the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners and pilots.

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  • Advanced Ultra Light Helicopter Kit AK1-3
    The ultra light Helicopter Kit AK1-3 is the light single engine helicopter, that is the exceptional solution for sightseening tours, AirTaxi, high altitude aerial work, air rescue, oil pipes aerial control, pilots training purposes. Take a look at the impressive video!!!

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  • Masquito Aircraft
    - Manufacturer of the M80 2-seat very light helicopter.

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  • Helispot - The Spot For Helicopters
    - The largest collection of helicopter photos on the Web. Also, links to helicopter-related sites, classifieds, plus an online store featuring helicopter merchandise.

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  • Helicopter Association International
    - Dedicated to promoting the helicopter as a safe and efficient method of transportation, and to the advancement of the civil helicopter industry.

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