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  • BFA Junior Balloonist Page
    - A program designed for young balloon enthusiasts aged 7-17 to provide recognition and education in the sport of ballooning. Learn about the program and sign up here.

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  • Top Gun
    - Top Gun is a non-profit corporation located in Albuquerque, NM that trains & educates pilots, crew and observers through competition ballooning.

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  • The British Balloon and Airship Club
    - Information on hot air ballooning, gas ballooning, and airship flying in the UK. Includes data about regional balloon activities, training requirements in the UK, record statistics, and helpful links.

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  • Bear Creek Balloons
    Hot air balloon rides serving Houston, Texas. Able to accommodate large groups.

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  • Loughborough Students Balloon Club
    - A website dedicated to the Hot Air Balloon Team at Loughborough University, Leicestershire, England. Includes membership information, flight details, newsletters, photos, and the club constitution.

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  • Blastvalve
    - Ballooning search engine and directory, weather and resources for pilots and crew. More ballooning links than any other site.

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  • Bristol University Hot Air Ballooning Society
    - Site for Bristol, England based club. Browse membership and flight information, detailed glossary of terms, history of ballooning, club newsletters, and balloon related articles.

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  • QinetiQ 1
    - Official site of an attempt to break the world altitude record for manned balloon flight. Contains news, updates, and background information.

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  • Southern California Balloon Association
    - The SCBA organizes informal competitive and recreational events. The club promotes safety and education in ballooning and sponsors safety and educational seminars. FAQs, links, and event listings are included.

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  • Gateway Aerostatic Association
    - Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, the GAA is one of the oldest balloon organizations in the country.  The goal of the GAA is to promote safe and enjoyable ballooning through education and group activities. 

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  • Balloons Over Britain
    Network of 12 balloon flight operators offering a range of ballooningpackages and gift certificates that can be redeemed throughout the UK.

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  • Corn Palace Balloon Club
    - South Dakota balloon offers information about their special shape balloons and the pilots that fly them.

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  • eBalloon.org
    Information on ballooning history and famous flights, how hot air balloons work and what a typical flight is like. The site also offers an extensive photo gallery, a list of festivals worldwide and a ballooning directory.

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  • John Wise Balloon Society
    - Club history, general ballooning facts, and membership information are found on this central Pennsylvania club site.

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  • The Minnesota Ballooning Association
    - The MBA was formed to promote the sport of Hot Air Ballooning in the state of Minnesota through education, landowner relations and goodwill. Event information, links, weather, member roster, and newsletters online.

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