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  • International Ballooning Commission
    - A division of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, with the aim of furthering aeronautical activities worldwide.

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  • The Ballooning Business
    Offers on-balloon advertising as well as hot air balloon rides over Northamptonshire and the East Midlands.

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  • Corn Palace Balloon Club
    - South Dakota balloon offers information about their special shape balloons and the pilots that fly them.

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  • Connecticut Lighter Than Air Society
    - A club for anyone interested in learning about, participating in and improving the sport of ballooning. Ballooning basics, weather links, topical news and more.

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  • Blue Sky Balloons
    Offering champagne hot air balloon flights over Yorkshire from the village of Arkendale.

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  • Up & Away Ballooning
    See Sonoma County, California from the air in a hot air balloon.

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  • Balo Tour ballooning in Barcelona -Spain-
    Balloonrides, balloon rides, ballonfahrten, vols en montgolfiere, viatges en globus, vols en globus, viajes en globo, vuelos en globo, Balloon Outdoor Events, Balloon Outdoor Training Events, Balloon Outdoor & Corporate Training Events. Enterprises events, incentive, motivation & training.

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  • Granite State Balloon Association
    - Info on balloon festivals, rides, pilots, pictures, getting involved, learning to fly, weather and pilot resources.

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  • Hot Air Balloon Rides - British School of Ballooning
    Hot Air Balloon rides from only £115 per person. British School of Ballooning. Hot air Balloon rides over the English countryside including Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex, Berkshire, Bath and the East Midlands.

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  • Montgolfier Society of Indiana
    - Pilots, crew, observers, and other people interested in the sport of hot air ballooning in Indiana.

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  • Balloon Rides in Vermont
    Beautiful hot air balloon flights from Quechee, Vermont and Woodstock, VT. Fly over the Quechee Gorge.

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  • Edmonton Balloon Club
    - Membership information, ground crew and training descriptions, competition and meeting schedules, and for sale list.

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  • Iowa Balloon Rides
    Fly in a balloon or learn to fly a balloon with Iowa's #1 Balloon Ride Company!

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  • Bonanza Balloons
    We manufacture parade balloons that are affordable for even small parades.

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  • Global Ballooning
    Offers hot air balloon flights over Sussex, England.

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