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  • Super Tigre
    - Italian quality and precision in radio controlled model engines.

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  • Stits Lite
    - Supplies for painting or covering new or existing full scale restoration or radio controlled model projects.

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  • Cavazos Sailplane Design
    - Factory "pilots" help with the original design and testing of our sailplanes, after they have been put through a numerous computer design program.

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  • Thermal-Gromit Works
    - Manufacturer of RC hand-launch gliders, and a distributor of model aircraft supplies, including the Red Herring.

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  • Tim McCann
    - R/C Sailplane accessories including landing skid, landing skeg, teeth, wing retainers, winch kits, and winch turnarounds.

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  • S&W Hobby Supplies
    - Manufacturer of RC model engine fuel and other model products.

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  • Jaro Muller Models
    - Offers sales of Ellipses, Espirits and Escape models.

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  • Silas Kwok Helicopters
    - US importer for TSK Helicopter of Japan. Fiberglass fuselages, helicopter kits, parts, accessories, pictures, links, about us, and contact information.

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  • Raptor Aerosports
    - Source for small electric and sailplane kits, specializing in speed 400 class gliders.

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  • RPM Air
    - Radio control foam slope aircraft for fun and combat.

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  • Floyd's Are Fun
    - Sales of gliders, photos, events, and RSA's club page.

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  • RC FLY
    The Beginners Guide to Flying Radio Control Powered Model Aircraft A new ebook for the student RC model pilot covering everything from basic considerations such as where to fly, insurance requirements through to simple aerobatics and a useful resource section with tips and instructions on engine care and setup, etc.

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  • Paperwarbirds
    Paperwarbirds design and sell model kits you can download. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue and a printer. Some of our kits are so good our customers say"I can't believe it's not plastic!"

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  • Suppo model brushless motor and controller
    Brushless Out-runner motor from small A2204 19g/0.68oz to unique huge A7050 with 6000Watt power. Our ESCs range from small 10A 8g/ 0.29oz, 10Amps to 200Amps, support up to 50V, 6800 Watt.

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  • RC Hobbies
    Links to top online hobby shops for rc airplanes,cars,boats,helicopters and accessories.Plus,rc classifieds.

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  • ToyTrade - RC hobbies
    RC hobby articles. RC cars electric, brushed or brushless. Entry or more proffessional. RC planes from Nine Eagles, AMEWI etc . RC helicopters from Nine Eagles, AMEWI etc. 1:5 gasoline powered rc cars, like Pitbull X from AMEWI.

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  • LBsRCFlight
    Online one-stop shopping website for RC Hobbyists. RC Airplanes, Helicopters, Sailplanes and Electrics from the best RC kit and parts suppliers at the most competitive prices.

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