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  • Canadian Flight Institute
    Complete your Canadian Private Pilot License from the comfort of your home or office. Attend a LIVE online ground school with a certified flight instructor every week from anywhere in the world!

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  • Blue Ridge Sport Flight
    Western North Carolina's only FAA Gold Seal Master Flight Instructor, offering training for every rating from Ultralight/Sport Pilot, through Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor ratings. Train with a dedicated, highly experienced, professional instructor at Hendersonville Airport in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

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  • Aviation Logbook - Myusalogbook.com
    MyUSAlogbook.com will track your flying hours just like your paper aviation logbook does, but our aviation logbook will make the process much easier. We will calculate your hours plus keep track of all types of aircraft that you have flown over the years. We also let you name your own set of custom fields to add hours into categories such as Floats, Mountain Time, Sea Time, Skis, Instructor, Tail Dragger, etc.

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  • Patterson Aviation LLC
    Private Pilot- CFII Flight Training and aviation related services. 10 Minutes east of Houston in Baytown, Texas.

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  • RWR Pilot Training
    Malibu - Mirage - Meridian Insurance Approved, Type Specific Pilot Training Designed to Make Your Flying Safe and Enjoyable - Provided When and Where You Choose,

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  • PPL Mania UK
    UK pilot resource featuring aviation articles, classifieds, and sample PPL training exams for JAA. Includes information on learning to fly aircraft and a list of flight schools.

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  • Pilot Training
    Flight Training School Recreational, Private, Commercial, Night, Multi-engine Instrument, Instructor, Tail wheel checkout

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  • Pilot Advice - Learn how to fly.
    An online guide for learning how to fly. Look for flight schools, flying lessons, pilot training and general information about aviation.

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  • Anyones Guide to Become A Pilot
    Start flying from scratch. Learn every detail you need to know about the flight training process. Then learn how to get to the right seat of an airline while saving big bucks in the process!

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  • Learn to fly with Shelton Aviation
    We offer flight instruction to sport pilots who wish to fly sport airplanes. Come discover the thrill of flight!

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  • Blevins Enterprises
    Dallas, Texas based mountain flying training. Specializing in weekend flights to the Rockies in your plane or ours. Training for the flat-land pilot. Also IFR training available as well as bi-annual.

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  • Del Sol Aviation
    Del Sol Aviation is one of New Mexico's newest flight schools offering basic and advanced flight training.

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  • American Helicopters
    American Helicopters is the premier helicopter training school in Fresno California.

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  • American Winds
    AWFA is a Part 141 and Part 61 flight school located in Akron, Ohio. Here are some of the services AWFA offers: 1) 11 Part 141 approved programs/courses 2) VA benefits are approved for all 11 programs 3) International Student Sevis approved Program 4) A fast track/accelerated training program 5) Student financing available 6) Multi-engine build up time For any questions, Please contact Mike Kolomichuk at 733-2500.

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  • Phoenix Helicopter Services
    Welcome to Phoenix Helicopter Services, Arizona's newest helicopter training school. Located at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, we are currently accepting students for all training levels from private through flight instructor. See our training page for more details. Visit our site at www.phxheli.com If you are a student looking to finish a rating or start from scratch, we can help you. Also, check out our other services including flight reviews, instrument refresher courses and photo flights. Look around our site for information, and if you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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