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  • Cabin Attendants Course
    With AIRMED intensive practical and theoretical course run completely in our flying school installations not only will you learn to carry out the on-board duties of a Cabin Attendant through following our training, which includes up to date current procedures and techniques, but you will also be able to enjoy your first real in-flight familiarisation experience in our own aircraft.

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  • Diamond Flight Academy
    New generation pilot program. Our fleet is not older than 2008. Make your training in the latest state of the art aircraft from Diamond aircraft.

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  • Utah's Premier Flight School
    Located in the Salt Lake Valley, we can provide individualized training that will give you the most effective training, with a level of flexibility and attention to your individual needs that only can be found with independent instructors. You can learn to fly at your own pace and on your own schedule. We also provide accelerated training. Whether you are learning to fly, looking to get advanced ratings, transitioning to a different aircraft, or want to get back behind the yoke. Cavorite Aviation will be your partner in achieving your goals. Come see how a student should be treated.

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  • Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology
    Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides the most cost effective flight training programs and a two year Aviation degree in Aeronautical Science. The College has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator). College student's receive a minimum of 565 flight training hours in the aviation degree program. Graduates will have the opportunity to stay on as a flight training instructor.

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  • Air Traffic Management School
    At the Peregine ATM School, all of our air traffic control instructors are operationally qualified and all are committed to delivering the highest quality air traffic management training that not just provides effective learning but is also enjoyed by the student.The Air Traffic Management School is equipped with the latest simulators for Aerodrome, Procedural and Surveillance training. The simulators are specially designed and developed to provide realistic air traffic control training and to reduce the time needed for on-the-job ATC training

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  • JustFlightSchools.com
    Locate, research, and contact flight schools fast - listings in 50 states

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  • Pilot Journey
    Home of the most trusted flight school directory and a worldwide leader in connecting future pilots to flight schools

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  • Pacific Flying Club
    The Pacific Flying Club celebrates its' forty fourth anniversary in 2009 and is recognized as one of the premier professional flight training facilities in British Columbia. The not for profit Club is the only school at Boundary Bay Airport to be an active member of both the Air Transport Association of Canada and the British Columbia Aviation Council. Pacific Flying Club is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia. The Club is extremely proud to have been the first flight training centre in Vancouver to hold this distinction. PFC is also pleased to announce that they are in partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology and together BCIT and PFC are now offering "Airline & Flight Operations". Students interested in this college option should contact Pat Kennedy at PFC to reserve a college information package. PFC is honoured that BCIT has chosen us as their flight training partner. We think this is a strong testament to our quality and reputation in the industry. We invite you to come out and look over our facilities and talk to our Director of Flight Operations, Manager Flight Operations, instructors and myself. We are pleased to offer you a complimentary two month Associate Membership should you wish to pursue your licence with us. Simply present this letter when you register. We recommend an introductory familiarization flight which can be booked for $50 through our dispatcher at 946-0011. The cost of this introductory lesson will be credited to your groundschool should you make Pacific Flying Club your flight training centre! Private Pilot Groundschools run Monday and Wednesday evenings continuously throughout the year as well as Saturday mornings. An online option is also available. The Club operates and maintains a fleet of 26 aircraft including Cessnas and Pipers. Our commitment is to provide our members and students with an enjoyable, quality flight training environment. Pacific Flying Club is also pleased to announce the arrival in 2007 of an Al Sim FTD with Level 5 King Air capabilities and Garmin 430 GPS technology. This FTD will provide the most advanced simulation available at Boundary Bay Airport, maintaining the Clubís stature as one of the premiere flight training organizations in Western Canada.

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  • FSX Chicago
    FSX Chicago started in 2014 with the integration of technology into the General Aviation - Flight School Curriculum. Our Flight Center in the middle of the city - is a very convenient innovation allowing more time to be used training rather than commuting to the local airports. Our team has top notch Certified Flight Instructors, Mechanics, Technology Specialists and Customer Support.

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  • Glacier Aviation, Inc. - Olympia, WA
    We are a medium-sized flight school, small enough to have fun and large enough to ensure the highest quality pilot instruction. We offer helicopter and airplane training for private, commercial, instrument, and certified flight instructor licenses, and other advanced industrial training. We keep an FAA examiner on staff and provide an FAA Lasergrade written test center. Our helicopter fleet includes the Robinson R22 & R44 with instrument trainers in both platforms. Our airplane fleet includes the Cessna 152, 172, 172RG and the Jabiru light sport airplane.

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  • Top Gun Flight Academy
    Flight School in Miami, FAA Certified Part 141 and 61 Training. Year Round Flying Weather

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  • Aviation management Courses in india - kasturiaviation.comv
    Aviation Management Institute - KIMS is a leading airline & airport management institute in India. We provide aviation courses, airline courses, aviation management degree, MBA, BBA airline management & offer various professional courses in the field of aviation.

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  • Pilgrim Aviation
    Thinking about flying lessons? Learn to fly an airplane at Plymouth\'s authorized Cessna Pilot Center. We offer primary and advanced flight training at both Plymouth Municipal Airport (PYM) and Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK). Our flight school has the advantage of owning its entire fleet of aircraft, along with the Redbird LD flight simulator advanced pilot training device. By investing in top-of-the-line equipment, maintenance and staff of experienced CFIs, we are able to provide you with the very best aviation experience. Our scenic flights are available 7 days a week from Plymouth Airport. Step inside one of our well-maintained airplanes and enjoy spectacular views of historic Plymouth, the coastal South Shore, Cape Cod Canal, Provincetown, and more!

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  • ProFlight
    ProFlight is a FAA-approved part 142 Training Center that offers CitationJet CE-525/S Initial Type Rating and Recurrrent Training

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  • Access Flight Training Services LLC
    Access Flight Training Services provides in-aircraft initial and recurrent training in cabin-class, piston and turboprop singles and twins throughout the US. We suitcase our training to your location. All CFII\'s are high TT and high operational time experienced, and our comprehensive programs and syllabuses are insurance underwriter approved. Also, your course will provide an IPC, BFR, High altitude endorsement and course completion certificate. We will provide multi-pilot discounts. For more information, contact us at (855)747-1200 toll free.

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  • Island Coastal Aviation Inc.
    Island Coastal Aviation Inc is committed to providing professional flight instruction to pilots seeking a career in flying, looking for unique adventures, or just the freedom and excitement that only flying can provide! We offer private pilot, commercial pilot and professional floatplane/seaplane training, mountain and bushpilot training courses, aerial patrols, wildlife telemetry and aerial photography all from the Pitt Meadows Airport, BC. Canada. We operate 12 months of the year.

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