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  • Island Coastal Aviation Inc.
    Island Coastal Aviation Inc is committed to providing professional flight instruction to pilots seeking a career in flying, looking for unique adventures, or just the freedom and excitement that only flying can provide! We offer private pilot, commercial pilot and professional floatplane/seaplane training, mountain and bushpilot training courses, aerial patrols, wildlife telemetry and aerial photography all from the Pitt Meadows Airport, BC. Canada. We operate 12 months of the year.

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  • ProFlight
    ProFlight is a FAA-approved part 142 Training Center that offers CitationJet CE-525/S Initial Type Rating and Recurrrent Training

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  • Become Pilot
    Become-pilot is a European Flight School and Pilot Training Directory Dedicated to Sharing Information and Connecting Worldwide Students with European Aviation Flight Schools.

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  • Pressley Aviation
    Pressley Aviation provides Flight Training and aviation services in the Charlotte area. We now offer Flight Training at our new location at Stanly County Airport in Albemarle, NC. Our flight school is focused on safely training you to achieve your dream of flying. You are closer than you think. We also offer other aviation service as well. Please see our Services & Specialties page for a complete listing of the various services we offer.

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  • FSX Chicago
    FSX Chicago started in 2014 with the integration of technology into the General Aviation - Flight School Curriculum. Our Flight Center in the middle of the city - is a very convenient innovation allowing more time to be used training rather than commuting to the local airports. Our team has top notch Certified Flight Instructors, Mechanics, Technology Specialists and Customer Support.

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  • Hollywood Flight Training
    Hollywood Flight Training offers fully approved pilot training programs that prepare you for fixed-wing Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and can train you to be a Certified Flight Instructor. Florida is known worldwide for its excellent climate, which makes it the perfect choice for pilot training, with its 360+ days a year of good flying weather, which allows you to fly more often and finish your flight training more efficiently.

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  • Brown Aero Technologies
    Train with experienced instructors committed to your success. We offer Private Pilot through CFI training. We can provide fast paced training or training that meets your schedule availability. See our website for details.

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  • Quincy University Aviation Program
    Quincy University\'s Aviation program offers the technology, the experiences, and the professional instruction that will put you in an elite group with the credentials to make a living as a pilot. You will not only learn to fly single-engine aircraft, but you will also have the opportunity to further your aviation experience in high performance, complex, and multi-engine aircraft. You\'ll study in one of the most thorough FAA-141 approved private instructor training programs. Single-engine ratings include Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor; multiple-engine ratings are also available. Because you\'ll train on multiple types of aircraft, you\'ll experience the latest technology in auto-pilot and complex GPS. You\'ll benefit from onsite testing using FAA-licensed computers and an FAA designated examiner. The immediate feedback will enable you to improve rapidly and to meet ambitious goals.

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  • Flight Training School - Epic Flight Academy
    Professional flight training located in Florida. Aeronautics degree + job offer! Complete your aviation degree online in Aeronautics from Liberty University and flight train at Epic! Financial aid for flight and Aviation degree. Specialized international flight training courses for all countries. If you are interested in Flight Training, Flight Schools, Epic Flight Academy we are ready to assist you in accomplishing your dreams as a career pilot. Flying lessons with all training you need to be a worldwide qualified pilot. Flying lessons that meet your Civil Aviation Authority\'s requirements. FAA, EASA, DGCA, and customized pilot training for all careers and countries. Begin your pilot training now! Pilot Aviation English is proud to join Epic Flight Academy in partnership to assist students in improving their English proficiency. Prepare for your training by reaching ICAO 4 aviation English. Flight school made easy. Join our accelerated flight school today!

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  • Superior Aviation Arkansas
    Learn to fly with our qualified flight instructors. Superior Aviation Arkansas servers the greater Conway, AR area.

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  • Epic Flight Academy Flight School Florida
    Choose the flight school that will provide you the best education and safety. Epic Flight Academy offers accelerated commercial pilot training for all levels of experience and ages. Training students from over 70+ countries to become airline pilots. For all of your flight school questions please contact us for more information on how to begin your pilot training.

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  • Sheffield School of Aeronautics
    Sheffield School of Aeronautics is one of the oldest aviation training institutions in the USA. It is the oldest, most experienced FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher school in the world and has been in continuous existence since 1948. In fact, Sheffield School has been training Aircraft Dispatchers longer than its top five competitors combined!

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  • flyingtraining
    Flying training resources for aviation enthusiasts

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  • Hillsboro Aero Academy
    Turn your dream into a career! Learn about becoming a pilot at our flight school using our flight training courses that have helped thousands live their dreams.

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  • Fly Duluth-Duluth Flying Club
    The Duluth Flying Club provides the opportunity to take to the skies in quality aircraft and learn to fly with exceptional instructors. We furnish flight training for the sport pilot, private pilot, commercial, CFI certificates, instrument and multi-engine ratings. We provide rental in Cirrus, light sport, and twin aircraft.

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