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  • GrandAir Aviation
    Fly right with GrandAir! Flight Training, Charters, Pilot Supplies, Fuel, Aircraft Management, and Hangars.

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  • Multiwings Travel Academy - Mumbai, INDIA
    Visit our WebSite www.onlinecrs.com for practical computer-based training in Advanced Airlines Reservations & Automated e-Ticketing in any one or multiple CRS/GDS such as Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre or Worldspan on Internet. Subscribe to-day for e-learning tuitions and access password and login IDs

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  • Professional Air
    School for Pilots, Dispachers and Flight Hostess

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  • Falcon Flight-Sanford Inc.
    2-4 year college degree offered, customized flight programs, multi-engine specialists.

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  • My Aviation School
    Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional pilot? Now you can do it. My Aviation School will help you find with the help our directories the right pilot training schools for you. Choose from airplane flight schools, helicopter training schools or any of the aviation colleges’ located worldwide. The most direct flight path to a rewarding career as pilot is to find the flight training school or college that will help you fulfill you dream. See the world with a career in flying.

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  • Voyager Aviation Flight Academy
    Part 61/141 flight school located on Florida's Space Coast. Professional pilot training for the Private pilot license through the Airline Transport Pilot.

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  • College of Aviation at Western Michigan University
    WMU College of Aviation offers state-of-the-art aircraft, facilities and instructional techniques to our students.Accelerated training options are available as well as bachelor degree programs in Aviation Flight Science, Aviation Maintenance Technology and Aviation Science and Administration.

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  • Southern Flight Centre
    UK based flight training centre including simulators with Cessna and Piper self-fly rentals for European travel.

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  • Qualicum Flight Center
    Qualicum Flight Center offers training for recreational, private, and commercial licenses as well as night, instrument and VFR over the top ratings.

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  • Aviation Training Management, Inc.
    Initial and recurrent training as well as supplemental and GPS in a wide list of aircraft which can be found on our website. Our instructors are all high time with ATP, CFII, MEI ratings.Aviation Training Management is a training company located in Vero Beach, Florida and has been in business for 9 years.

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  • CDA Professional Pilot Training Acedemy
    A proud member of APFTS. Located in Daytona Beach Airport (class c) We offer Professional flight training from private to ATP. Our training fleet of 14 aircraft are available 7 days a week for flight training, rental or time building. CDA also offers on sight maintanece from minor repairs to magor overhauls.

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  • Eagle's Arie Aviation
    Eagle’s Arie, the first flight school/FBO of the 21st century at Sussex Airport, New Jersey offers innovative flight training programs designed to involve families and to bring the adventure of flight to all.

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