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  • CRJ Type Rating
    CRJ type rating and flight training for Canadair regional jets and aircraft such as the CRJ 700 bombardier. Begin an airline career in commercial aviation with our professional CRJ type rating pilot training.

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    Mrs Pallavi Jain Lt. Commanding Officer [ Admns. ] ”AEROASIA” 297, TRIMURTI NAGAR, DHAR 454 001 INDIA TEL - [ 07292 ] 508840 / 236232 / 310735 / 34480 FAX 91- 7292- 32230 / 48716 WEB SITE : www.asiaticair.com www.aeroasia.20m.com E MAIL : asiaticair@rediffmail.com aeroasia@mantrafreenet.com

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  • Seattle Flight, Inc.
    Piper Aircraft flight school providing individually tailored instruction to the highest standards.All-inclusive packages with a guaranteed check-ride pass!Professional pilot course, multi time building and turbine SIC program.

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  • High Alpine Air Services
    Learn to fly in the Rocky Mountains of Beautiful British Columbia. Offering Recreational, Private License, Commercial License, Mountain Flying and Floatplane training.

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  • Dean International, Inc.
    Flight School and Aircraft Rentals. Aircraft Sales. VA Benefits. Sallie Mae Loan available. We issue Vocational M1 Visas.

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  • stewart air ltd
    seaplane training and rentals in victoria b.c canada

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  • M.I. AIR
    M.I. AIR offers recreational and/or professional airplane and helicopter training at the beautiful Redlands Airport in Southern California.

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  • Darwin Flying School
    Flight training for novice and experienced pilots. Aircraft hire, certificates of validation, licence conversions, instrument ratings and special pilots licences.

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  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Bachelor's degree program in Aviation Sciences with concentrations in Professional Pilot, Aviation Management, Aviation Electronics, Aviation Software Engineering, and Aviation Maintenance Management

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  • Flightstudy Ltd
    Flight Dispatch, Flt Ops, Airline Orientation, and other courses. Aviation Consultancy available.

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  • Summit Aviation, LLC
    Summit Aviation specializes in advanced and begining mountain flying in addition to Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatics and Glider Ratings. Summit has earned a reputation at Gallatin Field’s for it’s exceptional fixed-wing flight instruction. Our reputation is that of thoroughness, precision, and the ability to bring about in our clients a higher level of success than they themselves would have previously believed possible. Summit Aviation is well known locally for its safety and knowledgeable instructors. We make flying not only easy, but fun and have success with pilots who are stymied in their flight training due to fear, discouragement, or technical difficulties. And despite the stuffy, although necessary descriptions, we are confident you will be not only pleased with your decision to fly with us, but also will count us among your friends.

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  • Royal Aviation
    Royal Aviation Flying Club & Flight Training

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  • Regional Airline Academy Flight Schools
    Accelerated flight school training for accelerated flight school aviation training. Guaranteed airline pilot interviews and job placement, financial aid. Flight training for commercial and private aviation jobs.

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  • B737 A320 Type Ratings, Crew Leasing,Aircraft ferrying
    Bond Aviation is a FAA certified training center for airlines, BBJ Operators, Individuals offering B737 And A320 Type Ratings. Designated Examiners (TCE) for type rating checks, proficiency checks. Also offering Crew Leasing, Aircraft Ferrying, Flight Attendant Training.

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  • Winnipeg Aviation
    Winnipeg Aviation is a privately owned flight training center located just 15 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at St. Andrews Airport. Winnipeg Aviation has been serving the flight community for 35 years. Our fleet consists of 5 Piper Cherokee 28-140‘s, one Piper Warrior 28-15, one Piper Arrow and one Cessna C172 on floats. We offer comprehensive personalized training, ranging from the Recreational, Private, Commercial and Instructor License, as well as Float and Night Endorsement, Instrument Ratings, Instructor’s Rating. Our Flight Training Programs are geared to your personal schedule, which means you decide when, and how often you want to fly according to your availability. We are open 7 day a week. If you choose to fly on a full time basis (4-5 days a week), the Private License can be completed in 3-4 weeks. The Commercial License in 6-7 weeks.

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  • Flight World, Ltd. (PWK)
    Flight World is committed to ensuring that you receive superior flight instruction and aircraft rental every time you fly with us. Flight World operates four aircraft, all manufactured by Piper Aircraft Company which includes two Archer III’s, a Saratoga II TC and a Seminole. All are kept indoors in our secure, heated hangars. With 24/7 access to our hangar, flight planning room and online Schedule Master scheduling system, our Piper fleet is available to you at the click of a button.

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  • Airman Flight School
    Accelerated, Affordable, Flat rate flight training located in Norman, Oklahoma. Accepts VA Benefits, and Financial Aid

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