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    This is the ARCHIVE section of avhome.com!
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    Academies, Universities, Flight Schools, & FBO's...
      Find sites for your local FBO's and flight school's, as well as the larger training facilities, such as FlightSafety Intl, Embry Riddle, SimuFlight, the University of North Dakota, and lots more.

    Art, Photography, & Poetry...
      Our archive of images from the web's most popular photographers is here. Literally hundreds of images to browse through.

    Clubs & Organizations...

      Find local flying and soaring clubs, or learn how to join some of the world's most influential aviation and pilot organizations.

    Companies & Businesses...
      A large listing of businesses/corporations provided to give you full, complete coverage. Find stock quotes, aircraft manufacturers, consulting firms, suppliers, and more.

    Domestic & Intl. Airlines...
      Loads of links to all types domestic, international, charter, and cargo airlines with even more resources.

    Federal & Military...
      Find sites to FAA offices around the country, specialty aircraft sites, or to armed forces sites from around the globe.

    Flight Simulation...
      Microsoft Flight Simulator is not the only flight sim out there anymore. Come and find the best sites to get the latest information, software, and updates. Many other links to commercial vendors, even virtual airlines.

    Newspapers, Magazines, Events, & Museums...
      Is there something drastically wrong with airport security? Find all your answers and more with links to all sorts of aviation publications. Lots more coming soon.

    North American & Intl. Airports...
      Great archive if you are looking for traveling or leisurely flight planning info to/from local, domestic, and international destinations.

    Others & Miscellany...
      For those sites that really only have generalized content, link directories, or that don't have a catagory, yet, to fit into.

    Weather Data & Resources...

      Simply some of the best weather resources on the net, all in one place. Current/forcasted weather information from around the world at your fingertips along with useful links for radar, satellite, and composite images.


      Free consultation for families who have suffered a serious injury or death resulting from the operation, design, or maintenance of an aircraft. This feature is brought to you by avhome.com and Attorney Richard Gottesman.

    Aircraft Dealer Online...
      Worldwide listing of aircraft for sale. Online directory listing of aircraft dealers and brokers from around the globe. Visit AircraftDealer.com to find the best aircraft that meets both your price and needs.

      What a deal! Anybody can post two free aviation classifieds! Your ads will be viewed by over 50,000 visitors each month. Links to other classified services provided too.

    Select Sites...
      Find only the most worth-while aviation web sites all in one place. We are proud to be the only aviation site that objectively reviews and rates other aviation resources on the Internet.

      Award winning pilot training and career resources online. If you are interested in learning how to fly this is the place to turn for guidance.


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      This information server contains all active aircraft operating units and air bases of the US forces around the world, including tail codes, maps, ICAO/IATA codes and links to their official websites.

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