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  • Hypernetics
    - designs and manufactures electromagnetic digital wheel and flag failure indicators, and electromagnetic and fiberoptic wheel speed transducers for aircraft avionics and antiskid systems.

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  • Craigmile Aviation
    Located in Dallas Texas, Certificated Repair Station for the Mobile Aircraft Static and Transponder Systems Inspections and Certifications. 91.411 91.413Will travel to your airport.

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  • Gulf Coast Avionics Corporation
    - supplier of avionics, intercoms, GPS, headsets, handheld radios. Sales-service-Installations, free catalog.

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  • Taskem Corporation
    - manufacture and sales of aircraft instruments including altimeters, altitude alerts, tachometers, gauges, indicators, and more.

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  • Honeywell
    - Manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products, integrator and also service provider.

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  • Delta Aircraft Leasing Ltd
    - Distributes radio transceivers, including handheld, mobile, base station, repeater, antenna, and GPS.

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  • JcAIR Inc
    - designs test equipment solutions for the aviation industry and provides custom test equipment for manufacturing, repair and ground support.

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  • MAS Avionics Services, Inc.
    - provides services to aircraft owners and operators specializing in the modification of existing aircraft avionics and navigation systems or the installation and certification of new ones.

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  • Sycos
    - suppliers of avionics interface cards, support software, and associated electronic bus equipment.

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  • Morsch Machine
    - Machining services company specializing in precision CNC machining for the electronics and avionics industries.

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  • MPC Products Corporation
    - designs and produces eletromechanical modular devices including motors, position sensors, electronics, flight deck systems, and more.

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  • Kollsman, Inc.
    - Avionics and electro-optic instrumentation and systems for aerospace, defense systems and medical instrumentation.

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  • Left Hand Design Corporation
    - precision pointing systems and components to industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.

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  • Pacific Coast Avionics
    - offers aircraft instruments, pilot supplies, books, test guides, installation tools and apparel.

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  • Avionics Systems Standardisation Committee (ASSC)
    The Avionics Systems Standardisation Committee (ASSC) provides a unique UK MoD and Industry forum to implement appropriate avionics systems standardisation strategy through dedicated technical investigations, a network of industry workshops and a new ASSC website. The website offers access to up-to-date news on avionics technology and standards. Plus exclusive access to technical papers on topics such as, Affordable Avionics, MIL-STD 1553B and EMC Testing

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  • Aircraft Instrument Sales and Service
    Berkshire Instrument - Aircraft Instrument Sales and Service. We service directional gyros, attitude gyros, autopilots, turn coordinators, altimeters, airspeeds and more.

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  • Telair Electronique
    - offering avionics and autopilot sales, service, and installation, altimeter calibration, and more.

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  • Aviation Classics LTD
    Aviation Classics is an FBO and small aircraft service center with specialties in classic warbirds, avionics overhauls, annuals, prepurchase inspections and more.

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