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  • Trans Global International
    Trans Global International is one of the newest virtual airlines that is based at Cardiff International Airport. Trans Global International offers all members a realistic experience including Standard Instrument Departures/Arrivals (SIDs & STARs. We aim to offer our members proffesionalism with spawning on the runway and rude/unproffesional behaviour not tolerated. Come and join us for a fun proffesional experience.

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  • Flock-Air
    A new virtual Airline, based in Austria,Vienna, providing international PAX and Cargo Service. Main HUB LOWW

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  • SkyFly Airlines
    SkyFly Airlines is a virtual company that gives new goals, like to fly as real as possible or just to make friends with the same interests. We fly virtual with a real based concept and we have in the future more then 2000 routes worldwide offered you by SkyFly International, SkyFly Regional, SkyFly Cargo and SkyFly Prime, our business jets. SkyFly uses VATSIM & IVAO to fly more realistic. We offer our pilots Teamspeak for communication, a highly realistic flight tracking and financial system, weekly sessions & activities, real life events, community forums, flying lessons, a pilot center, many downloads and much more! Meet people from all over the world! We assure you lots of fun and excitement during your membership with SkyFly Airlines!

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  • SkyHigh UK va
    A virtual Airline, operating from the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, flying to multiple destinations around europe

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  • Aerotaxi de Antioquia
    Aerolinea Charter Virtual de Antioquia Colombia Flota: Cessna 206 Base: SKMD (Medellin)

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  • Intrepid Virtual Airlines
    Intrepid Airlines gives you a full revolution of flying!! With a trained staff ready to support you whenever you need help, flight training with real world pilots, and journeys throughout the world, we can help take you where you want to go. Our fleet includes a Bush Flying Division, a Cargo Line, and Standard airliners. Intrepid Airlines makes flying a fun thing to do! For when you just can't wait for the world to come to you, only at Intrepid Airlines. Come join the Intrepid Virtual Airlines family. Check us out today, at www.intrepidairlines.com.

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  • Pacific Blue Virtual Airlines New Zealand
    pacific blue virtual airlines is a new zealand virtual airline operating internationally flying the 737-800 with vafs auto pireps we are a fun and professional airline with the kiwi approach.

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  • flymonarch virtual
    Monarch virtual is one of the newest virtual airlines based in the UK flying from hubs at London Gatwick, London Luton, Birmingham and Manchester to a competitive variety of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and America. We have a modern aircraft fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Our aim is to be as realistic and professional as possible and offer the pilot allot more from the flight simulator experience. We are always recruiting for new pilots and if you have technical/computer skills and would like to see if you can be part of the managing team then see technical careers under careers. There are NO joining requirements to become a virtual airline pilot at monarch virtual, all is asked is commitment and participation in events. So why not join today and start your virtual career and become part of one of the UK's top virtual airlines. No experience necessary! Training can be given by our friendly team of staff, relax in our forums, post screenshots and video’s and most of all you will be learning and having fun!

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  • Cheapest Air Ticket Bookings
    Journey Cook make sure that you get the cheapest air fares on your travel and also make sure that the complete booking process is smooth and stress free, just log on to website or Call us and get cheapest airline tickets.

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  • NATO
    NATO AEW and logistics. Also member of VATSIM Virtual Special Operation Administration

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  • Korean Virtual Air
    We are using a log system called VAFS (Virtual Airline Financial Systems). With this software we can give the virtual pilot the opportunity to see which flights he made, what his pilot pay was, how many passengers he carried and much more. On the other hand we can keep logs as VA for example which flights are flown most, do we need to buy new aircrafts or is it enough to hire them. We can do many things with just a little piece of software

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  • AirEast Virtual
    This is a great virtual airline that lets you fly when and where you want. Come join us for a great experience!!

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  • Angel Air VA
    We are a friendly bunch of Flight sim enthusiasts who enjoy nothing more than getting our head in the clouds, we fly on FS2002, FS2004 and FSX. We have our own dedicated flight server which you can access using IP We also use Teamspeak 3 which you can connect to using angelairva.co.uk, we look forward to you flying with us.

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  • Skyhigh uk
    A virtual airline based at heathrow, flying routs across europe.

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  • Virtualairlinenz
    Virtualairlinenz s a progressively growing VA. We have our own fleet of aircraft, hints tips and videos to watch. We currently have hubs in USA, Australia, New Zealand and The United Kingdom. We promote member envolvement within the site and have a pilot raning system which increases your rank within the VA. Everyone one is welcome.

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  • Flight Sim UK
    The very best of the UK Airlines. Why fly for one when you can fly them all.

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  • Niam Air Virtual Airlines
    Niam Air have hubs in Birmingham and Munich, they fly to many destinations around Europe and the globe we are always looking for new pilots to join our team.

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  • European Virtual Airlines
    European Virtual Airlines (EVA) is a European-based virtual airline, serving over 60 destinations with a fleet of 10 different aircraft types: fly with anything from a small propeller aircraft to Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 and climb up the career ladder with EVA!

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