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  • Showcase Replicas
    Model Planes, Aircraft Model.Handcrafted Precise Army, Navy, Airforce, NASA, Civilian. Highly Collectible, Museum Quality Prop, Jet Aircraft. WW1, WW2, Present

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  • Electric RC helicopter
    In recent years, electric rc helicopter have really dropped in price and have become easier to fly, making electric rc helicopter the ultimate 'must have' radio control model. Electric RC helicopter allows more people to enjoy this hobby without having to always fix their models and having to pay a hefty price. As a result, electric rc helicopter now make up the fastest growing sector of the general hobby of rc flying, and the models shown on this page are just a few of the most popular models at the current time. So it's great news if you've ever loved the idea of flying a model helicopter but have always been put off by the high prices and horror stories about how hard model helicopters are to control - it seems that those days are over! Having said that though, care still needs to be taken if learning to fly a 4 or more channel single rotor electric rc helicopter from scratch. electric rc helicopter not toys and they do still have a learning curve! The co-axial electric rc helicopter, talked about further down the page, are much easier to fly with no experience. But many modern electric rc helicopters such as the sleek-looking Phoenix CP, pictured below, are designed with the novice, as well as the expert, in mind. The Phoenix CP follows hot on the heels of the tried and trusted Phoenix CP, one of the most popular electric rc helicopters in its class*. Helis like the Blade generally have good flight stability - exactly what you need when learning to fly an rc helicopter, and yet they're perfectly capable of demanding 3D aerobatic flying with some simple upgrades (and a lot of practice...). So even if you've never held a radio control helicopter before, a model like the Blade CP will give you a smooth introduction to flying electric rc helicopters but, as previously mentioned, you still have a learning curve to deal with! *Fixed or collective pitch? The term 'pitch' refers to the angle of the main rotor blades (and rotor disc) in relation to the horizontal airflow, but when comparing FP and CP helicopters this pitch name only refers to altitude control - cyclic control has the same method on each type of model. Whether the model is FP or CP is an important factor to consider when choosing an electric rc helicopter, and the choice largely depends on what sort of flying you want to do, as well as your budget. Fixed Pitch (FP) is self-explanatory in that the blade pitch is, well, fixed. The main blades do not pivot about their longitudinal axis to change pitch angle, (ie change the amounts of lift) and so altitude (climb/descent) must be controlled by motor speed - faster turning blades generate more lift, and vice versa. Generally speaking, FP helicopters are not as responsive in the air and can be a bit 'twitchy' at first, until the pilot gets used to the feel of it. They are, however, cheaper to buy and marginally easier to master. Collective Pitch (CP) means that the pitch angle of each main rotor blade can be moved to change the amount of lift generated by them. The motor is kept at a more constant speed, and the altitude is controlled by changing this pitch angle of the blades. This makes the helicopter more agile, responsive and smoother in the air, but gives a steeper learning curve for the pilot - and they cost more to buy. Above left a FP rotor head compared to a CP one, right The bottom line? If you just want an 'entry-level' taste of flying an electric rc helicopter with circuits and hovering, then a FP model will suit your needs very well. If you can see yourself wanting to fly in a more demanding way, then a CP heli is much more appropriate for your needs. Contra-rotating (co-axial) electric rc helicopters Most electric rc helis follow the conventional helicopter layout with a single main rotor and tail rotor. However, there are numerous models around that use two main rotors that turn in opposite directions to each other and a tail rotor is not used. Examples are the Esky Lama V3, the Dragongfly 5#8 and Vortex. These 3 are shown below, respectively: Latest Version3 Esky LAMA Co-Axial 4CH Electric RC Helicopter RTF Latest Version3 Esky LAMA Co-Axial Helicopter has come to the market! V3 Lama Flies stably and silently indoor and outdoor, just as walking in the air. It makes you and your family to have lots of fun with it together. With double-sharing-one-axis structure and with stable and silent flight, it is designed for beginners with no experience , It is easy to learn to fly. You can be familiar with its operation and enjoy the flying in a short-term. With power supply of Li-polymer battery, it can fly lighter and longer. Complete set, Ready To Fly. Only requires 8 AA Batteries for Transmitter. Walkera Dragongfly 5#8 Co-Axial 4CH Electric RC Helicopter RTF it is the upgrade aluminum version of the 5#4 R/C Helicopter. Design of metal main frame, metal swash plate and metal rotor head is of legerity, innovation, precise and stability. 4 Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, AND THROTTLE). Perfect for beginners or for simple indoor fun!! Vortex 4CH Electric RC Co-axial Mini Helicopter RTF The Vortex Co-Axial Helicopter. Flies stably and silently indoors and outdoors. The single-axial counter rotating blades provide a stable and silent flight. This model is designed for beginners. Package includes a li-poly battery and charger (A/C adapter for the charger is included under the foam packing). The Li-poly battery enables it to fly lighter and longer. Complete set, Ready to Fly. Only requires 8 AA Batteries for the transmitter. Package also includes an extra set of 2 upper and 2 lower blades. Because the two main rotors spin in opposite directions to one another, they cancel out each other's torque and so a tail rotor is not necessary on these kind of helicopters - that's one less channel to worry about when learning to fly! These contra-rotating helicopters are very stable in the air and can be flown around just like a conventional tail rotor model. They have the added advantage of being a lot easier to master, and the good ones such as the Blade CX shown above can pretty much be flown right out the box with not much setting up involved. In comparison, a single rotor/tail rotor RTF electric heli advertised as "Can be flown straight from the box with NO experience!" invariably needs some tweaking here and there, and some sensible practice. With the majority of electric rc helicopters, so long as you are sensible and follow the manufacturer's instructions closely, there is absolutely no reason why you should have any serious problems or difficulties with learning to fly your helicopter quickly and safely. You can browse a large range of electric rc helicopters here, if you're looking to buy. Hobby-estore.com is a great resource for rc helicopter advice, tips and beginners guides. Related pages Mini rc helicopters - see one of the smallest production models available Micro rc helicopters - when mini helicopters get a lot smaller Toy rc helicopters - low cost, unbreakable fun for all ages RTF rc helicopters - what to expect with a Ready To Fly heli

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  • Westway Aircraft Models
    Aircraft display models,travel agent models, aviation models new an old.

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  • Aviation Modelworks
    We Manufacture and Distribute Model Airplanes, Military Plaques and Model Helicopters worldwide! Handmade aircraft models and wooden scale models.

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  • Aircraft Collection
    Specializes in professionally crafted model airplane replicas which fulfill the highest standards in the industry for private and company aviation collectors.

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  • Flying Model Review
    this is a site devoted to model airplanes, covering all types of models from those suitable for a beginner to those suitable to the most advanced flyer,gliders,rubber powered,IC powered,electric,jet,free flight and radio control

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  • South East Models
    Plastic model kit retailer, 100s of aircraft in stock, worldwide shipping!

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  • Showcase Replicas
    Model Planes, Aircraft Model.Handcrafted Precise Army, Navy, Airforce, NASA, Civilian. Highly Collectible, Museum Quality Prop, Jet Aircraft. WW1, WW2, Present

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  • showcasereplicas.com - Model planes and Ships
    Showcase Model Company has been in the business of selling and making model airplanes and ships since 1973. Since that time Showcase and its affiliated companies have established a rock solid reputation not only in providing model needs of the general public but also that of the top aerospace companies airlines, the US Military, museums, etc., in the USA, Europe and other major countries.

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  • Model Airplane Repair Service
    If you are a collector of desktop model airplanes and need an item to be repaired, I will be happy to discuss your requirements and restore almost anything to its original glory. I have over 30 years of experience providing quality workmanship as a professional artist and model maker and I specialize in restoration and repair.

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  • Model Aviation
    Offering information, articles and tutorials about all kind of model aircrafts. The site is appropriate for beginner and intermediate modeling enthusiasts.

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  • Premier Wood Models
    Premier Wood Models is a leading producer of airplane model. This is a perfect combination of fine art wood and creation model technique. We have created very artistic of work, our wooden aircraft is great value and live on forever. Our products are premier wood models: Airliners - Fighters - Transport - Bombers - Helicopter - Civilian & Private - Golden Age Classic - Each model reflects the natural color beauty of top grade wood, great value and live on forever for a collection.

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  • RC Helicopters
    www.rcplanechat.com is the place to explore the world of rc helicopters & rc airplanes.

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