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  • Super Constellation Starliner Giveaway
    - An offer to give one Super Constellation to an individual or corporation that will accept the financial responsibility and will contract to manage the restoration, maintenance and flight operations of the airplane.

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  • Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
    - A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the distinguished history of Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA

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  • LAAHS.com
    - History of the development of aviation in Latin America

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  • Flight Time Memories
    Pics, sounds, drawings and tales from the Uruguayan Air Force

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  • Holcomb's Aerodrome
    Details selected Pioneer Era, Great War and Golden Age aircraft. Detailed aircraft include the Ryan ST, Northrop Alpha, Nieuport 28, Martin TT, Curtiss JN4, B247, Laird Solution, DGA-6, P-12 and more.

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  • The Jay Miller Aviation History Collection
    - The product of almost 40 years of intense collecting by Jay Miller of Arlington, Texas. It is one of the world's most significant aviation and aerospace reference libraries.

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  • Flights of Inspiration
    - Information on inspiration flights, like the Wright brother's first flight and the first non-stop transatlantic flight by Alcock and Whitten. Includes a Teacher's Notes section.

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  • Nurflügel
    - History surrounding various flying wing designs.

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  • Classic Fighters
    - A Belgium based aircraft preservation group which tries to keep aviation heritage alive, they restore and operate several historic aircraft.

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  • The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
    - A full-time professional staff guides an international membership of researchers and supporters in the non-profit organization's efforts to find, save, and preserve rare and historic aircraft.

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  • Wright Brothers Papers
    15,100 pages of Wright Brothers papers. Documentation of the pioneering aviation work of Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright.Documents include: correspondence, diaries, notebooks, drawings, printed matter, legal documents, and other documents ranging from 1881 to 1952

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  • Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation
    - A not-for-profit organization formed to collect, preserve, display, and exchange engineering and historical data through a permanent historical foundation.

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  • Flying Pioneers Photographs
    - Late 20's - early 30's aviation photographs for sale; a special section dedicated to Lindbergh.

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  • Wright Brothers Photography
    302 photographs, mostly all taken by Wilbur or Orville Wright between 1896 and 1911.

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