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  • Vintage Aircraft
    Warbird and Vintage Aircraft restoration and research. We specialize in Beech 18 restoration and maintenance. We also have a small WWII aviation museum.

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  • 617 Squadron The Dambusters
    - A history of 617 squadron, the reasons behind the formation of this unit, the people involved from the pilots to the ground crew.

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  • Palm Springs Air Museum of Flying
    - The Palm Springs Air Museum is dedicated to the preservation, presentation and interpretation of the Air Power of World War Two

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  • Michael's books
    Publisher of Aircrew memories, 57 memoirs by members of the Aircrew Associastion, Vancouver Island Branch

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  • Old Airplane Pictures
    A collection of over 300 photographs taken in the 1930's by a Navy Aerial Photographer of military aircraft, ships, diragibles, crash sites and photos of Byrd's Antarctic Expidition.

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