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  • ADF Airways
    - FAA PPL to ATPL training. Site is in English and Spanish.

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  • Advanced Flight Theory
    - Australia based aviation theory school specialising in CPL and ATPL theory courses.

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  • Accelerated Flight Training
    Become a professional pilot in as little as 18 weeks with our ZERO Start Career Pilot Training Program!

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  • Avex Air Flight Training
    - Flight Training at Rand Airport, Johannesburg, from ab-initio to Airline Transport Pilot, with single, twin, night, IF, and instructors ratings.

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    The best prices in the USA for cessna 172s. Get to your commercial in 4 months with a guaranteed job interview. Only with FLY AVIATION.

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  • European Aviation Training Academy
    EATA is an established leader in pilot training under the European JAA licensing system with base locations in Europe (Belgium) and in the United States (Texas).

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  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    The world's oldest, largest and finest aviation university, Embry-Riddle has 2 residential campuses and more than 130 training centers worldwide...

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  • Airmed International Flight School
    Airline Pilot Courses in Valencia, Spain. Integrated & Modular courses. PPL, CPL, IR; ATPL; FI - IRI, CRI, TCP

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  • Airborne Aviation - Sydney, Australia
    Airborne Aviation is Australia's first Cessna Pilot Centre located in Sydney, Australia. Training to all levels, widest range of aircraft available from vintage to brand new.

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  • National Pilot Academy
    Accelerated Flight School. Become Airline ready in 16 Months, Pilot Jobs Gauranteed!!! Locations in Reno Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, and Cedar City Utah. Start your Pilot Career Today. one on one instruction for the full 16 months.

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  • American Helicopters
    Helicopter and Fixed wing training in beautiful Fresno California.

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  • Aircraft Sales Investment Group
    We are a full service aircraft sales and jets for sale marketing firm. Whether you are in the market to purchase an aircraft or to sell one, look no further.

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    Airline and helicopter pilot training

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  • Airline Training
    A320 First Officer Programme FAA JAA

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  • www.typeratings.org
    The site to visit if you are on the market for a self-sponsored type rating. It's all there - in one place!

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  • Mazzei Flying Service
    Personalized professional pilot training in sunny California. Over 50 fixed & rotary wing course options: Ab initio thru ATP & all CFI ratings. FAA Part 141 examining authority. CFI internship Career Prep Program. Approved for Veterans & foreign students. Piper, R22/R44, & B206 aircraft. Key Bank financial assistance.

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