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  • Phoenix Helicopter Services
    Welcome to Phoenix Helicopter Services, Arizona's newest helicopter training school. Located at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, we are currently accepting students for all training levels from private through flight instructor. See our training page for more details. Visit our site at www.phxheli.com If you are a student looking to finish a rating or start from scratch, we can help you. Also, check out our other services including flight reviews, instrument refresher courses and photo flights. Look around our site for information, and if you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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  • FlyingPassion.com
    Dedicated to spreading the passion and joy of flight, learning to fly, flying airplanes and general aviation.

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  • American Helicopters
    American Helicopters is the premier helicopter training school in Fresno California.

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  • Learning To Fly
    A website dedicated to providing valuable information to aspiring pilots. Also includes info on the history of flight, how to buy an airplane, pictures of airplanes, aviation employment, kit planes, and other aviation related info.

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  • A Guardian Aerospace Holdings Inc.
    We offer PPL, CPL, Night-Rating, VFR over the Top, Instructor, mountain flight awareness training and flight training in arctic conditions for those pilots wishing to prepare themselves for employment in Commercial Operations.

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  • Private Pilot License E-Book
    Itís THE Tool to Use to Learn Exactly How to Earn Your Private Pilotís License as Fast as Possible & Without Wasting Hundreds & Even Thousands of Dollars on Expensive Flight Schools & Other Expenses!

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  • Sportflight Scotland - flying school
    Sportflight Scotland is a friendly flying school operating off a traditional grass airfield in central Scotland. Great fun and great value!

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  • Daystar Air
    Aircraft acquisition consulting & management, pilot services and flight instruction

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  • Dolce Aviation Services
    Exceeding Your Expectations: My goal is to provide superior flight services and specialized aviation consultation in today's fast-paced aviation environment.

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  • NCB-AVIATION hour building
    NCB-AVIATION offers the lowest aircraft rental rates of the industry while providing an entire range of services in order to assist foreign pilots with their hour building / time building.

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  • crewlogbook
    free web based pilots logbook

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  • Ponderosa Air
    Ponderosa Air is a family owned career focused flight school. Our instructors have over 10,000 hours of Commercial and instructional time. We use the most up to date aircraft. We can give students the most advanced glass panel avionics, or the traditional panel. We will Train you for your Private Pilot license up to your Commercial and multi-engine ratings if you choose. With an assortment of planes we can meet all your training needs.

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  • Victory Aviation
    Full service flight training located in Sunny San Antonio TX. PPL Through Commercial Multi/Single.

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  • American Flyers
    Discover the adventure of learning to fly, earn advanced pilot licenses and ratings or prepare for an Aviation Career. . . professional pilot training since 1939.

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  • The Pilot Shop, Inc
    Based in New York, The Pilot Shop, Inc. is the front door to www.pilotshopusa.com, a full retail shop located 20 minutes East of JFK and 20 minutes West of FRG. Fully stocked with: pilot supplies, training supplies, clothing, gifts, and more for the pilot and co-pilots too. 24/7 secure online ordering.

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  • Skies Aviation Academy
    Skies Aviation Academy is an international flight school based in southern Europe that provides high quality and professional standards in pilot training from Private Pilot License (PPL) to Airline Transport Pilot License(ATPL) and associated Ratings, operating from Makedonia Airport in Thessaloniki, Greece. The superb climate weather conditions and the variety of airports in Greece offering 330 days of VFR flying conditions allow the future commercial pilot to complete his flying training without delays and a guaranty of a successful airline pilot career.

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  • Global Air Training Crew Resource Management
    Global Air Training delivers specialist training, development and consultancy services meeting the needs of airlines and all types of commercial, military and government aviation organisations based in every continent of the world.

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