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  • Executive Flightline LLC
    Executive Flightline is a Professional Pilot Training Facility owned and operated by Commercial pilots. We specialize in commercial, charter and corporate flight training. As a Certified Cessna Pilot Center we operate under parts 141 & 61. We have a variety of programs designed to fit any budget and any schedule. Need money? We have three professional lending companies to provide you with financing options. We are located in beautiful Daytona Beach, FL with over 300 days a year perfect for flying! Come see us and take a discovery flight...

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  • National Flyers Academy
    - From recreational to commercial level training at Kitchener Waterloo Regional Airport near Breslau, Ontario.

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  • Iasco
    - Ab-initio and advanced training based in Burlingame, California, USA.

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  • AirQuiz - Online Practice Examinations for Pilots
    AirQuiz is a new web based tool designed to be a low cost support to the trainee pilot. It allows registered users to test their knowledge in preparation for the written examinations for the JAR PPL, RT & CAA IMC Rating.

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  • Nelson Aero Club - Start your Flight Training in beautiful New Zealand
    We welcome students from all over the world to our beautiful city to get the best flight training on a truely one on one environment. With new Aircraft and offering everything from PPL to MEIR and instructor ratings. Get in touch with Nelson Aero Club today

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  • Royal Queensland Aero Club
    - From private pilot to ATPL level training at Archerfield, Queensland, Australia.

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  • Nebraska Flight Center
    The Nebraska Flight Center offers a variety of pilot training programs, from the beginning flight student to the most advance pilots. With this in mind, if you are looking for a career in flight, as a charter pilot, flight instructor, corporate pilot, or an airline pilot, we are here to build your future.

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  • Free On-line Pilot Tutor
    Interactive, graphic lessons for student pilots and those in pursuit of an instrument rating

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  • Hector Flying Service
    - A family owned flying service specializing in ATP training geared for commuter and military pilots.

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  • Pro Aircraft Flight Training
    Part 141 FAA and VA approved professional pilot training. Approved by the INS to train international students. Private Pilot thru Airline Transport Pilot. Time Building.

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  • Ed Carlson
    - Operations, flight planning, and weather course training for pilots flying the North Atlantic for the first time.

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  • Flight Training Introduction
    Information on Flight Training: types of schools, estimated times and costs to get your license(s)

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  • Roger Aviation Company
    - Provides recurrent flight simulation and emergency maneuver Training.

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