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  • South Warwickshire Flying School
    - Offering MOD and Air League scholarships as well as commercial pilot and flight instructor courses.

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  • Iasco
    - Ab-initio and advanced training based in Burlingame, California, USA.

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  • Kaz-Air-Inc.
    - Specializing in multi-engine training and time buildingat Fairfield County Airport in South Carolina, USA.

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  • Loutzavia Flight Academy
    Providing flight training and flight instructors in Pretoria, South Africa.

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  • Instrument Ratings
    - Bill Zaleski is a professional instructor offering concentrated instrument flight instruction at your location and in your aircraft.

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  • AirQuiz - Online Practice Examinations for Pilots
    AirQuiz is a new web based tool designed to be a low cost support to the trainee pilot. It allows registered users to test their knowledge in preparation for the written examinations for the JAR PPL, RT & CAA IMC Rating.

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  • Royal Queensland Aero Club
    - From private pilot to ATPL level training at Archerfield, Queensland, Australia.

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  • Chad Coates Certified Flight Instructor
    Chad Coates is a Certified Flight Instructor,CFI, CFII, MEI, in Monroe, LA. This site provides information on becoming a pilot and flight training. Included in this site is pilot requirements, faqs, links to aviation websites, and more.

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  • Ed Carlson
    - Operations, flight planning, and weather course training for pilots flying the North Atlantic for the first time.

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    Extreme Bush and Mountain Flying. Highly Advanced Bush and Mountain Flying Training. Aircraft Hire & Fly. Bush flying adventures and expeditions in Africa. Barberton Valley Airfield, Lowveld, South Africa.

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  • future airline pilot
    future airline pilot. All the information you require from dreaming of being an airline pilot to getting that dream job. Requirements for gaining a professional licence, airline contacts and comparisons, who is recruiting, interview preparation / questions and a personal advice service to ease the burden of the whole process.

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  • Free On-line Pilot Tutor
    Interactive, graphic lessons for student pilots and those in pursuit of an instrument rating

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  • European Pilot  POPULAR
    A detailed description of European pilot flight training for pilot candidates looking to train overseas.

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  • Pilot Training in Dallas, Texas
    Learning to fly is challenging, but is fun and pleasant with the right instructor. John Thywissen might be that instructor for you!

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  • National Aviation
    - Flight training based in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

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  • Thunderbird Avaition
    Thunderbird Aviation opened its doors in 1962 and has been operating as a full-service FBO (fixed base operator) ever since. We offer flight training, aircraft rental, maintenance, storage, a pilot shop, and fuel.

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  • Nebraska Flight Center
    The Nebraska Flight Center offers a variety of pilot training programs, from the beginning flight student to the most advance pilots. With this in mind, if you are looking for a career in flight, as a charter pilot, flight instructor, corporate pilot, or an airline pilot, we are here to build your future.

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